signal-2017-04-13-160127A TimeBank helps connect people to exchange skills and services, using time rather than dollars. When a member provides one hour of service for someone, they earn one Time Credit. They can then spend this Time Credit by receiving an hour of service from someone else. The possibilities for exchange are endless and may include home repair, animal care, yard work, cooking lessons, computer instruction, etc.  All services are valued equally, and all members are respected for what they have to offer. It is an old idea made new—the idea that our community is stronger when neighbors make a practice of helping each other.

In 1980, Dr. Edgar Cahn created TimeBanking as a medium of exchange that would act as a way to encourage and reward the work needed to build strong, resilient communities. Dr. Cahn is the founder of TimeBanks USA, as well as the co-founder of the National Legal Services Program and the Antioch School of Law (now the David A. Clarke School of Law).

There are now 100’s of independent TimeBanks across the United States and in over 30 countries worldwide.

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