How it Works

Each member has an individual account that is used for posting services and requests, and for recording exchange activity. Services can range from gardening help, animal care, tutoring, transportation, guitar lessons, bike repair… the possibilities are endless!

1 hour of time spent helping a community member = 1 Time Credit earned

Examples of different types of exchanges include…

  • Arts & crafts: scrapbooking, drawing/painting, knitting/crochet, photography, woodworking
  • Be a friend: contact or visit a housebound person, help to facilitate their Time Credit exchanges
  • Business services: bookkeeping, office support, graphic design, computers, computer applications (Skype, email, social networking, etc.), electronics
  • Communication: translating, language instruction
  • Cooking: meal planning, cooking skills, grocery shopping, meal delivery
  • Gardening: planning, planting, weeding, watering, composting, harvesting
  • Healthy lifestyles: yoga, exercise, meditation, nutrition guidance
  • Home maintenance: yard care, handyman services, painting, basic plumbing/electrical
  • Household: cleaning, laundry, window washing
  • Pet care: sitting, feeding, walking, grooming, training
  • Recreation: walking, hiking, biking, sports
  • Learning: music lessons, tutoring, auto maintenance, canning, wood working
  • TimeBank administration: orientations, phone calls, newsletters, events
  • Transportation: appointments, field trips, pick-up/delivery

The TimeBank is a network for the community to share their time and talents. The range of different skills and services that can be offered is limitless.IMG_3349

 How else can I connect with the NRV TimeBank community?

The NRV TimeBank sponsors periodic events for members to meet one another. These events will be posted on our website and announced in our email newsletter.

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