1) Click here to Join. If you’re unable to do this online, call us at 540.251.4345 and our coordinator will help to set you up.

2) All members must attend one of our orientation sessions to learn how to make exchanges as a TimeBank member. Orientations are listed here Orientations, and are held twice a month at a community location. Members should bring their $20 membership payment, which covers the cost of your member background check. If you are unable to pay this fee, call our coordinator to ask about member scholarships.

3) Now you’re ready to get started! Post a service request, respond to requests posted by other members, and list your offers of services and unique skills. As you exchange time with other members, your personal account will keep track of Time Credits earned and spent. If you don’t have internet access, call our coordinator at 540.251.4345 to be paired with another TimeBank member who can assist you in posting offers and requests and keeping you up to date.

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